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Control buttons

The control buttons are located on the top of the speaker. The following describes each button and its functionality.

Power: Press to turn the speaker on or off. Press and hold to check the battery charge state

Bluetooth®: Press to select the Bluetooth® source. The speaker attempts to connect to the last paired device (flashing white). Or, if there are no paired devices, the speaker goes into discoverable mode (pulsing blue). Once Bluetooth® is selected, press again to set the speaker to discoverable mode and allow pairing with another Bluetooth® device. Press again to go back to connecting mode

AUX: press to listen to a device plugged into the Aux input

MUTE: press to mute/unmute sound from the speaker

VOLUME DOWN (-): press to decrease the speaker volume incrementally. Press and hold to decrease the volume continuously

Volume up (+): Press to increase the speaker volume incrementally. Press and hold to increase the volume continuously

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