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Understanding the LED status indicators

The front of the speaker has a series of indicators that show speaker status. Lights under the indicators glow according to speaker state.

The lights are (from left to right):

Wi-Fi® indicator

Bluetooth® indicator

AUX indicator

SoundTouch indicator

Indicator light of the SoundTouch 10

Wi-Fi indicator

Indicator activity State
Blinking white Searching for Wi-Fi network
Solid white (dim) Power-saving mode and connected to Wi-Fi network
Solid white (bright) Speaker is on and connected to Wi-Fi network
Solid amber Speaker is in setup mode
Blinking amber Disconnected from Wi-Fi network
Off Networking disabled

Bluetooth indicator

Indicator activity State
Blinking blue Ready to connect
Blinking white Connecting
Solid white Connected

AUX indicator

Indicator activity State
Solid white Speaker is ready to play content from a mobile device
Off No AUX connection detected

SoundTouch indicator

Indicator activity State
Blinking white Connecting to the SoundTouch app
Solid white Playing audio from the SoundTouch app
Solid amber
  • Speaker, source, or station unavailable
  • Preset empty or invalid

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