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Pairing a Bluetooth® multimedia device

Applies to:

  • Bluetooth® audio adapter

In order for your Bluetooth multimedia device to work with your Bose® product, the device and the Bose product need to be paired. Follow the steps below to connect the two devices:

  • Press the Bluetooth® button on the adapter to put it in discoverable mode. The Bluetooth® light begins flashing blue to confirm

    Note: When the adapter is connected to the power for the first time, it automatically goes into discoverable mode. This is indicated by the light flashing blue.
  • Place the Bluetooth® device to be paired close to the adapter
  • Enable Bluetooth® in the device's settings
  • In the device's Bluetooth® settings, select "Add a new device" or "Search for devices" and wait for the device to search
  • From the list of discovered devices that appears on the device, select "Bose® Bluetooth® Audio"
  • If the device requests a password/PIN, enter "0000"

Note: The adapter remembers the eight most recent devices that were connected. When turned on, it will search for and connect to the most recently connected device in its memory.

The adapter also has the ability to maintain an active connection simultaneously with up to three devices. For more information, see Using multi-point connectivity.

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