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Pairing with a Bluetooth® device

Your Bose® system can be paired with third-party Bluetooth® devices, such as smartphones, tablets or music players, that support the advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp). Implementation of Bluetooth® can vary according to device. So factors such as device compatibility, audio quality, wireless range and performance may vary as well. For most devices, the maximum wireless range will be around 10 m.

To pair a Bluetooth® device, follow these steps:

Remove the USB key from your computer

On the remote, press and hold the WIRELESS SOURCE button for at least three seconds The wireless source light should start "pulsing" slowly on your Bose® system, which tells you it's in discoverable mode

Wireless source

On your mobile device, go to the Bluetooth® settings and select "Bose SoundLink Audio" from the list. You may have to press "Scan for devices" or something similar on your device if no products appear in the list

Note: if your device requests a password in order to complete the pairing, enter "0000".

Listen for an audible "up" tone from the Bose® system, indicating the pairing was successful

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