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Performing a system update

System software updates are available periodically and can be downloaded over the Internet to the USB drive included with your system.

To install a Bose® system update, follow these steps:

Make sure the USB drive is empty of any data

On the control console, press SETUP

On the remote control, press the DOWN ARROW to scroll through the system menu on the TV until "UPDATE" is highlighted, then press OK

When prompted to perform an update, make sure "YES" is highlighted and press OK

On the control console, plug the USB drive into the USB port

When prompted, remove the USB drive from the control console

Connect the USB drive to a computer

i. Open the USB drive

ii. Double click on the download_launcher file, which should bring you to an update page on Bose.com

iii. Select your language

iv. This will bring you to a page that verifies the system you are updating. In all cases, click "Continue to software updates >"

v. The next page ensures that the update process was followed by putting the USB key into the control console. Click "Continue to software updates >"

vi. Click "Download for Windows" or "Download for Mac" and follow the onscreen instructions. Note: When the File Download window appears, select "Run"

vii. Once the process has been completed, remove the USB drive from the computer

On the control console, plug the USB drive into the USB port again

When the update is complete, remove the USB drive

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