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Playing CDs

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The Acoustic Wave® music system II CD changer holds up to five CDs. When a CD is inserted into a slot in the changer and it is on, the changer’s display window indicates the number of the CD slot selected, the track number playing and the elapsed time.

To load a CD into the changer, insert one edge of the disc into an empty slot and push the disc all the way in. The LED indicator to the right of each slot indicates the status.

Disc slot indicators:

OFF: The disc slot is empty

Solid green: The disc slot is full and currently playing

Solid amber: The disc slot contains a CD, but it is not currently selected or playing. The amber light flashes when ejecting a disc from that slot

To remove a CD from a changer slot, press the Eject button to the right of the status indicator for that slot. Allow a few seconds for the mechanism to respond.

Selecting the CD player or CD changer

Using the Acoustic Wave® II CD changer provides access to up to six CDs: one in the Acoustic Wave® music system II and five in the CD changer.

To use the Acoustic Wave® Music System II CD player: Press
CD on the remote to turn on the acoustic Wave® Music System II and select the CD player as the source.

To use the acoustic Wave® II CD changer: Press CD under CD changer on the remote control to turn on the complete system and select the CD changer as the source.

Playing CDs in the CD changer

Play/Pause: Press play/pause to start playing the selected CD. Press again to pause it. While a CD is playing, the disc slot number, track number and elapsed time appear in the display

Seek/Track forward: Press seek/track forward once to skip to the next track

Seek/Track back: Press seek/track back once to skip to the beginning of the current track. Press again within three seconds to skip to the beginning of the previous track

Tune/MP3: press and hold the Tune/MP3 buttons to quickly scan backward or forward through a track

Stop: Press stop to stop the currently playing CD

Play mode: Press play mode repeatedly until the play mode you want is displayed

CD mode: On the changer console, press CD mode repeatedly until the play mode you want is displayed

Repeat all: Repeats all tracks and discs in numerical order

Repeat all random: Repeats all tracks and discs in random order

Repeat disc: Repeats all tracks on selected disc in numerical order

Repeat disc random: Repeats all tracks on selected disc in random order

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