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Removing and installing inserts

Before you enjoy the sound, you need to install the proper insert in the dock. You can use one of the inserts that come with your SoundDock® system or you can use the supplied Universal insert for dock adapter, which makes an Apple® dock insert work with your SoundDock® digital music system. Use the chart included in the box to determine which insert or adapter to use with your iPod®.

Using the supplied inserts

To install the proper insert:

Using the chart included in the box, locate your iPod® model and the insert label (A, B or C) that indicates the correct insert for your iPod®

Position the selected insert over the dock

Press on both sides of the insert until it sits firmly in place

Using the Universal insert for dock adapter

To use the Universal insert for dock adapter with an Apple® insert:

Press the Universal insert for dock adapter into the dock

the iPod® insert that came with your iPod®

To remove an insert from the dock

With your thumbs on the front of the dock (near the Bose® logo), and your index fingers inside it, pinch until the rear of the insert lifts up

Lift out the insert and replace it with the correct insert

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