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SoundLink® not displayed in AirPlay® device list

To resolve this issue, please try the following:

  • Check to make sure the iOS® device is connected to the same Wi-Fi® network as the SoundLink® Air system. To form an AirPlay® connection, both the SoundLink® Air system and the iOS® device must be connected to the same wireless network. It's possible that the iOS® device is connected to a different network or guest network
  • Be sure that the system is within range of the wireless router. Regardless of how close the streaming audio source is to the system, the SoundLink® Air system must be within range of the wireless router to receive the transmitted signal via Wi-Fi®. A successful connection will be indicated by a solid blue Wi-Fi® indicator on the front of SoundLink® Air system
  • In the iOS® device Settings menu, toggle the Wi-Fi® setting off and on. There may be an issue with the connection between the iOS® device and the Wi-Fi® router. Turning the Wi-Fi® connection off and back on may resolve the issue
  • Try turning the iOS® device off and then back on. Cycling the power of the iOS® device may fix unexplained issues with AirPlay®

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