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Standby mode

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the sounddock® 10 bluetooth® digital music system goes into two different standby modes. the first is a charging standby ready mode. this is the mode it enters when you first plug in ac power. it charges your ipod®/iphone® and remains ready to play. the second is low power standby. it will not enter this mode with an ipod®/iphone® in the dock. when in low power standby, the standby indicator glows on the front panel.

note: only units produced after september 2012 have the power indicator.

  • When you press OFF on the Bose® remote the system will stop playing music and go into charging standby. Pressing OFF again on the Bose® remote will put the system into low power standby and the indicator will light only when your iPod®/iPhone® is not in the dock
  • When you remove your docked device, the system will go into charging standby and no indicators will glow. After 30 minutes without commands, the system will go into low power standby
  • If the system is in Bluetooth® mode with no device connected or audio playing, the system will go into low power standby after 30 minutes
  • If there is no audio from a device connected to Aux IN, or the plug is removed from the Aux in connector, the system will go into low power standby after 30 minutes

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