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Viewing music information onscreen

While your stored music plays, information about the current track appears on your TV screen. To see the details at a glance:

Turn on your TV and select the correct TV input for your Bose® system. This gives you a full screen of music information.

On the Bose remote, press the Right arrow on the navigation pad to see the other stored tracks from the album that is currently playing.

Press the Tune down to move down the list and highlight tracks.

  • To play other tracks on this album, highlight a track you want and press Enter. The selected track plays first, followed by the tracks below it
  • To return to the previous screen, press the Left arrow on the navigation pad
  • To clear the screen of an image, press Exit

Note: as you listen to a stored track, you can press Guide on the remote to see what actions you can take with this track.

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