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Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 525 entertainment system

Sold from 2015 – 2016

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Setting video resolution

Your system's video resolution is adjustable. This lets you match the resolution from your Bose system with your TV resolution for the best image quality.

Setting Video Resolution:

The Video Resolution setting lets you match the video from the console to the resolution of your TV. (Note: This setting is unavailable when playing 3D content.)

Setting Video Resolution from the system menu

  1. On the remote control, press the More button
    Tip: If the system menu does not appear on your TV, be sure the correct TV input is selected
  2. Scroll right to select Options, then press the OK button
  3. Scroll down to Video Output
  4. Scroll left or right to select a resolution
  5. Press the Exit button to exit the menu.

Setting Video Resolution from the system console

  1. Power on your system
  2. On the system console, press and hold the Setup button until the console LED glows
  3. Press the Source button to scroll through the video resolutions settings. The console light shows the selected setting:
    • 480p: Solid yellow
    • 720p: Solid red
    • 1080i: Blinking red
    • 1080p: This setting can only be selected from the system menu (see instructions above)
  4. Press the Setup button to exit.
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