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What is so special about working at Bose?

That's very simple: we deliver top quality in everything we do - from our business methods to our products and customer service! Thanks to the fact that we are so involved in all that we do, we produce exceptional results.

Bose is a multinational private company. We reinvest a significant amount of our profits into the company's growth and development, thus profiting all of our staff!

We currently number among the world's largest and best-known developers and manufacturers of audio technology. The Bose brand stands for an attractive combination of perfect sound, research and innovative technology. Thanks to our unique business and marketing concepts, we work together with our business partners to offer our customers an impressive product and shopping experience.

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Investors in People

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People are at the heart of what we do and our success depends on our people.

To ensure we can be successful everyone must understand our values, our business, and their role requirements. The part Bose plays as an employer is to ensure we communicate with our people and give them the support and development they need to help them do the best in their job.

To demonstrate our commitment to this and to provide a framework to ensure high standards we chose to work towards the Investors in People recognition award.

Investors in People is an internationally recognised and respected mark of good practice, which helps us to make the best of our people and to recognise their contribution.

We are very proud to have held this prestigious award as an Investor in People since 2004.


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Bose House

Chatham Maritime
Kent, ME4 4QZ
Telephone: 0870 741 4500
Contact person: Carol Taylor

"I like it here because you're not in some back room with a bunch of CAD machines pumping out stuff and throwing it over the wall to production. It's much more of an interactive environment with really talented engineers from all parts of the company."

Peter G., Quality Engineer