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Our approach

Sustainability is a reflection of Bose’s Essence and Values, supporting our pursuit of excellence and our collective commitments to conducting business with integrity and treating others with respect. We aspire to infuse sustainability into our day-to-day work across the company, so that it shapes our thinking and the way we do business.

The Bose sustainability programme manages the social, environmental and governance responsibilities of our business. Our ambition is to adopt environmental and social management practices and embed a sustainability mindset comprehensively across the company. In the pursuit of ambition, we have established a multi-year sustainability strategy that delivers customer value by inspiring innovation in our products, engages our employees to help them reach their full potential, and seeks to give back to our communities in meaningful ways.

At Bose, we’re always looking for ways to apply innovation to our products and our business. As our world moves more rapidly towards a sustainable future, we’re looking at ways we can support this shift, by not only looking at how we can embrace ESG principles in our products, but how we can make progress throughout our supply chain. By increasing our use of low-carbon materials and exploring opportunities to redesign our packaging, we seek to continue making our products more sustainable, while also taking key steps to address climate change.

After conducting a detailed materiality assessment, we've developed a product circularity programme and roadmap focused on several key areas: recycled content, sustainable packaging, product repairability, waste reduction, and energy consumption reduction. Together, these roadmap activities impact all stages of the product lifecycle.