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2 Bose Smart Speaker 500s


Bose bundles

Combine speakers, soundbars and more for Bose sound in more places. And save while you’re at it.

2 SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speakers


SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speaker

This rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker has quickly become a popular pick. So why not pick up two and enable Party Mode for more sound on any adventure?

Buy two and SAVE 15% on the pair.

2 Bose Smart Speaker 500s


Bose Smart Speaker 500

Fill any room with powerful, wall-to-wall sound. Better yet, fill two rooms.

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2 pairs of Bose Frames Soprano


Bose Frames Soprano

Experience sound you’d never expect from sunglasses, thanks to exclusive Bose OpenAudio™ technology. Show your passion for fashion with Frames Soprano.

SAVE 15% on a second pair of Frames Soprano.